John Lennon – We Celebrate Your Gifts To The World

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Today, December 8th 2009 we look back with sadness and joy at the message of Love that John sent all over the world as well as the horrible way that he left the world.

I ask everyone to celebrate his life and message of his work and work toward making our World a World filled with Peace & Love.

Love is all you need!

Macca Monday 12-7-09

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Today being the day before the 29th anniversary of the day we lost John Lennon, I give you the John Lennon Tribute from Paul’s Liverpool Tribute in 1990.

Fab Four Friday – Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!!! 12-4-09

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For today’s Fab Four Friday, I think that at this time of the year with all of the hustle and bustle of the Holidays and trying to keep one’s sanity while trying to manage life, work and family, we all need to take a step back, take a deep breath and take a moment to put everything into perspective.

Today I give to you ‘Real Love’, the Anthology version of John Lennon’s unfinished demo that was completed by Paul, George and Ringo to give us a ‘new’ Beatles song 25 years after the Beatles broke up.

My question of the day: Is ‘Real Love’ a ‘Real’ Beatles song? Please comment and leave me your thoughts.

Lennon Wednesday 12-2-09

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It’s sad to think that it’s been almost 29 years since we lost John. All the music we’ve missed, and his youngest son missed all of those years with his dad…. it’s sad and it’s a shame.

Lennon and Ono were advocates for Peace and Change in our World. Can you Imagine how different our World could have been in Lennon continued to be an activist for Peace and Change for the last 29 years? Would Bono be doing what he’s doing if it wasn’t for John Lennon? I’m not knocking Bono and what he’s been doing, but come on, John Lennon could do it better!

Remember, All You Need Is Love

I wish for peace in the World. War is over (If You Want It). Imagine….

Tuesdays with George 12-1-09

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Happy Holidays! It’s now December 1st and 24 more days until the fat man slides down the chimney and brings gifts to all.

Today we remember George Harrison and all he gave us during his career as a gardener and a musician!

Also, please see my Tribute to a Leg End page celebrating the life of g\George here:

Some of you are too happy during the Holiday Season, so from George and myself, I say Cheer Down!

Macca Monday for 11-30-09

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Since it’s the last day before December, I decided to start Christmas early and give wish everyone a Wonderful Christmastime!


Remembering the Life of a Leg End, George Harrison 11-29-09

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Today marks the 8th anniversary or George’s Passing.

In just sitting here and reflecting on George’s life and career I think that he was the ‘thinking’ Beatle or the ‘spiritual’ Beatle.
He never shied away from or attempted to hide his faith from his fans and listeners, and in fact, he wrote and sang about his love of God (Krishna) on every one of his solo albums. On his 1974 Dark Horse tour he was chastised by his fans and critics alike for preaching to his audience and for changing the lyrics to his songs to be more spiritual.
He was 1/4 of the legendary Beatles who changed rock and roll forever. They had many firsts in their career from the largest TV audience when on Ed Sullivan to the first live worldwide broadcast for ‘All You Need Is Love’ and so many more firsts in their career.

As a solo artist, George had the first #1 Single and #1 Album. He released the first Deluxe 3 album package and hosted the first All-Star charity concert, The Concert for Bangla Desh to benefit the people of that country.

In the late 1980’s he helped create the Traveling Wilburies with Jeff Lynne, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Roy Orbison and enjoyed much success with the two albums that they released, Volumes 1 and 3.

In the early 1990’s, George was the first of the former Beatles to tour in Japan with Eric Clapton and his Band and we got the great ‘Live In Japan’ album/CD as an audio souvenir from this tour!

George’s life and career can be best summed up in George’s own words in that he was a gardener who was also a musician.

I have in no way tried to sum up the life and accomplishments of George, but just put down a few thoughts in remembering his life on this anniversary of his passing.

Paul McCartney’s New Song…

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If you go to, you can create and send an e-card with Paul McCartney’s new song from the soundtrack to ‘Everybody’s Fine’ the new Robert DeNiro and Drew Barrymore movie set to release in December.

Lennon Wednesday 11-25-09

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For this Thanksgiving edition, I give thanks to those that have supported me this last year and I hope you all do the same!

I give you John Lennon performing ‘Stand By Me’ from his 1975 ‘Rock ‘N Roll’ album.

Tuesday with George 11-24-09

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For this Thanksgiving edition of Tuesdays with George, I have chosen The Traveling Wilburys Handle With Care as a loving tribute to George and Roy who are only with us in song now.